Navigating Diversity & Inclusion in the Older People's Housing Taskforce Meeting

Abdul A. Ravat, Head of Development and Relationships at Abbeyfield was recently invited to speak at the People Workstream meeting of the Older People's Housing Taskforce.

The People Workstream is seeking to develop a deeper understanding of the needs, preferences and concerns of older people, their families and their carers. It is tasked with developing recommendations for how people can be supported to realise and understand the full extent of choices available to them and feel empowered and able to make those choices. One of the ways it is doing this is by considering the needs of different demographic groups to ensure that diversity and inclusion feeds into the work of the Taskforce.

Abdul spoke to the group about how we might overcome the barriers that older people (and their families) from different communities face when trying to access housing and adaptation services. He spoke about intersectionality and the issues older people who belong to multiple marginalised groups may face and what solutions could help to remove these barriers.

He also advocated for an integrated approach to housing, care and health and the importance of having a clear national focus for older people while promoting awareness and changing attitudes to later life. He talked about the importance of planning for an ageing population in existing outdated sheltered housing schemes as well as creating new provision for older people in all communities.

Abbeyfield sponsors APPG inquiry

Abbeyfield is proud to be sponsoring a new inquiry into the regeneration of outdated sheltered housing, launched on 20th June 2023 by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Housing and Care for Older People. The inquiry, due to run until summer 2024, will examine the problems and opportunities arising from the age, condition and locality of sheltered housing and produce a report advising the Government, and its newly-appointed Taskforce on Older People’s Housing, on the future of housing schemes.

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Abbeyfield sponsors APPG inquiry Image
Abbeyfield sponsors APPG inquiry Image


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