Our Environmental Aims and Vision

Abbeyfield will always protect the environment by operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We shall achieve this by ensuring environmental management is integral to our decision-making processes, so that we can enhance our environmental performance and demonstrate continual improvement.

This will work alongside and complement the other Health, Safety and Quality systems we have in place, and is part of our ongoing, pro-active culture across the organisation.

The Abbeyfield Society is fully committed to:

  1. Comply with, and surpass, all regulatory requirements that pertain to our business.
  2. Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) by creating a unified Environmental Management System that focuses on reporting and monitoring.
  3. Developing our roadmap for our 2035-2050 targets to drive decarbonisation.
  4. Improving home energy performance by adopting a fabric first retrofit program, ensuring our housing stock are EPC-C by 2030.
  5. Efficient use of energy through techniques such as installing LED lighting, AMR meters, and continuing to assess emerging green technologies, within our means.
  6. Imbedding waste management reporting and separation of waste streams.
  7. Driving an increased culture of reduce, reuse and recycle principles.
  8. Taking due regard to the habitats in which we operate, building upon this with a Biodiversity Action Plan that improves our spaces.
  9. Aligning our asset management strategy with our environmental sustainability strategy to ensure our stock is managed and improved in line with government objectives, targets, and legislation.
  10. Minimising and managing e-waste, with the development of a future green IT plan.
  11. Enhancing sustainable procurement, together with new and existing contractors.
  12. Advanced planning of future climate-resilience by environmental risk mapping.
  13. Ensuring our workforce are informed and aware of our environmental objectives through the provision of training and internal communications relating to our strategy.
  14. Continually assessing our sustainability priorities against an ever-changing landscape, reporting on progress to the Board.
  15. Being a responsible business through effective governance and ethical practices.

If you would like any further information about how we are working to make Abbeyfield a more environmentally friendly place to live and work, please contact a member of the team via environment@abbeyfield.com