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Companionship at Christmas

Abbeyfield’s annual Companionship at Christmas campaign is back, offering free festive events, festive cheer and friendship for all who need it.

Companionship at Christmas

Find out more about our annual Christmas campaign and find events near you.

Events and activities

Contact your local Abbeyfield house to find a Companionship at Christmas event near you.

Volunteer this Christmas

Find a Christmas volunteering opportunity at an Abbeyfield house near you.

What makes
Abbeyfield special?

Meet some of our incredible residents

Hear about the fascinating lives our residents have had before and after moving in with Abbeyfield.

We have heritage at our heart

Small, homely and friendly houses that have established great links within their community, making time for our residents, and enhancing their lives by bringing everyone together are at the core of what we stand for.


Miss Saunders and Mr Halnan, our first residents, move into Richard Carr-Gomm’s house which would later become The Abbeyfield Society.


The Abbeyfield Society is established as a charity.


The Abbeyfield Society reaches 100 homes across the UK with 50 more in progress.


Prince Charles becomes Patron of The Abbeyfield Society.


The Abbeyfield Society has over 400 houses in seven countries providing support and community to 7,500 residents.

The latest from our blog

Abbeyfield's annual carol concert in Liverpool

Residents, volunteers, trustees and staff gathered together last week to celebrate the beginning of Christmas at our annual carol service at Liverpool Cathedral. Held each year...

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