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Where to begin in your search for a retirement home

Looking for housing or care can be a complicated process. Here are our guides to help you on your journey.

Housing options for older people

Explore Abbeyfield's housing options and find out the difference between each.

What is supported housing?

Also known as sheltered housing and assisted living, supported housing is perfect for those wanting to remain independent but live in a social, supportive house.

How will I finance my move?

Cost shouldn't be a barrier to your move into retirement living. We'll take you through paying for care, step by step.

What makes Abbeyfield special?

Meet some of our incredible residents

Hear about the fascinating lives our residents have had before and after moving in with Abbeyfield.

We have heritage at our heart

Small, homely and friendly houses that have established great links within their community, making time for our residents, and enhancing their lives by bringing everyone together are at the core of what we stand for.


Miss Saunders and Mr Hanlan, our first residents move into Richard Carr-Gomm's house which would later become The Abbeyfield Society.


The Abbeyfield Society is established as a charity.


The Abbeyfield Society reaches 100 homes across the UK with 50 more in progress.


Prince Charles becomes Patron of The Abbeyfield Society.


The Abbeyfield Society has over 400 houses in seven countries providing support and community to 7,500 residents.

The latest from our blog

News and stories from Abbeyfield. From what's hitting the headlines, to stories from our homes and residents.

Keeping calm for Camelford

Volunteer Leandra has been extremely busy helping with residents’ shopping, collecting their prescriptions and running activities so that residents can enjoy the sunshine in the...

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