About Abbeyfield

Abbeyfield are a national older people's charity providing housing and residential care in our homes across the UK and internationally - we champion the needs of older people.

We believe in making time for older people. For us, that means engagement with our residents, whether making the time to have a chat or to listen without worry of time pressure.

Our homes are closely linked to their community to enhance not only the lives of our residents but older people living locally. From trips to the seaside to events throughout Christmas, Abbeyfield's connection to the local community provides events that everyone can enjoy.

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Mission and Values


It's Abbeyfield's mission to enhance the quality of life for older people. We aim to provide a home with high quality accommodation and a stimulating environment to maintain a socially active community that will directly benefit the mind, body and soul.


Abbeyfield delivers excellent care to its residents and intrinsic to this, are our values. These values underpin our care. Our residents and regulators expect our Trustees, Executive Committee, staff and volunteers to be:

Caring – as an organisation we encourage and support new ideas from our residents, volunteers and staff, and by learning through discussion we appreciate each others’ differences and will adopt suggestions which improve the service that we provide.

Open – we encourage and support new ideas from residents, volunteers and staff and will adapt to suggestions which improves the service that Abbeyfield provides.

Honest – as individuals, we will each lead by example so that residents, volunteers and staff will have confidence in the integrity of Abbeyfield.

Respectful – respect is something we understand we have to earn. We earn it not only by valuing each other as individuals, but also by working hard to develop relationships with our residents, volunteers, staff and the communities in which we operate.

How We are Structured

Abbeyfield is a membership organisation, with The Abbeyfield Society being its largest society and the one managing the direction of the charity.

The combination of the properties managed by The Abbeyfield Society, its other UK societies and the International Member Societies are collectively known as the Abbeyfield family.

The Abbeyfield family has homes across the UK and in six other countries worldwide, (AustraliaBelgiumCanadaJerseySouth Africa and New Zealand) giving us the ability to operate genuinely local services but with a national and international reach of over 800 homes.

Abbeyfield homes, wherever they are, aim to put something back into their communities. Our staff and volunteers nurture localism and this coupled with wide-ranging skills and expertise from a range of industries and professions allows us to provide the best service to our residents and makes our houses community hubs.

Our People

Abbeyfield's well-earned reputation for providing excellent care services and facilities is mainly thanks to the exceptional people - management, staff and volunteers - who have joined our cause. Here is the team leading Abbeyfield.

Annual Reports

Celebrating Abbeyfield Value For Money Statement  Abbeyfield Accounts 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report 2019
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