Abbeyfield is a membership organisation, with The Abbeyfield Society being its largest society and the one managing the direction of the charity.

Together The Abbeyfield Society, it's other UK member societies and the International Member Societies are collectively known as the 'Abbeyfield Family'.

The Abbeyfield Family has homes across the UK and in six other countries worldwide, (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Jersey, South Africa and New Zealand) giving us the ability to operate local services but with a national and international reach of over 450 homes.

Abbeyfield homes, wherever they are, aim to put something back into their communities. Our staff and volunteers join us with wide-ranging skills and expertise from a variety of industries and professions allowing us to provide the best service to our residents.

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The Abbeyfield difference

Find out what makes Abbeyfield different from other home providers.

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Abbeyfield Member Societies

We have over 140 member societies spread throughout England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Find your local Abbeyfield Member Society here.

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International Member Societies

Abbeyfield's International promotes the Abbeyfield concept globally using its network of member national societies and, through them, an extended network of local societies. Currently we have member societies in Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium and Jersey.