Care and nursing homes for older people

Care homes offer accommodation for older people with a low care need who can no longer live independently at home, and require assistance with tasks such as washing and dressing. For older people who require medical care from an onsite qualified nurse, there are many nursing homes available across the country. 

What is included at a residential care home? 

residential care and nursing homes for older people in the ukAt a residential care home, each resident will have their own room within the home, along with access to a range of different communal areas and facilities that they can use when they wish. Residents will receive help with day-to-day personal care needs such as washing, dressing and going to the toilet. 

Residents will be encouraged to remain active, with many homes having an onsite activities coordinator to ensure residents always have something to get involved with. This can include trips out, exercise classes and arts and crafts groups. In a nursing home, residents may be less active. 

Staff will be on hand 24 hours a day to ensure residents are looked after.

When should you consider moving into a care home?

At some point in our lives, many of us will be faced with the decision of whether or not to move into care. For some older people, moving into care won't be a choice as a fall or illness can result in a care home referral. However for others, the change in the ability to remain living independently can be a gradual shift. 

If you or your relative are finding it difficult to look after yourself, contact your local authority and ask for a Care and Support Needs Assessment. This will offer you information and advice on services you can contact. Your local authority will help you meet your needs if you qualify for help as part of the national eligibility criteria for receiving care.

For more, view our short informative guide on understanding when it is the right time to move into care.

Paying for care in the UK

For many people, how they will pay for care for themselves or their relatives may be a huge worry, however there is support and advice available to help. 

For more information on paying for care, visit Age UK's advice section on care home fees within the UK.

The benefits of moving into care homes for older people

  1. Moving into a care home provides peace of mind that your relative is safe and being looked after by trained and qualified professionals, with staff on duty 24 hours a day   

  2. With communal areas to spend time with other residents and varied activities programmes at most facilities, care homes can be great for providing companionship for older people who may otherwise be isolated on their own. 

  3. All meals are usually provided at a care home, with any nutritional requirements taken into consideration, making care homes great for older people who struggle with preparing and cooking their own meals. 

Care homes for older people near me

At Abbeyfield, all of our care homes are all abbeyfield care homes are cqc regulatedCQC regulated, ensuring that we offer the best standards of care to all residents, and that members of staff adhere to best practice at all times. 

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