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Abbeyfield Oxford’s Brian Lewis House is a supported house for older people. It is a handsome Victorian home, formerly a large rectory, in a beautiful setting. It was refurbished in 1996 and now has ten residents' rooms, unfurnished so you can bring your own belongings and possessions to give your room that personal touch.

All the rooms have en suite bathrooms, many of which have supportive bars. The house has an entrance ramp, a ground floor bathroom with assisted Parker bath, and a lift to the first floor. There is a 24-hour alarm, and dedicated house support staff are on hand during most of each day. You have complete freedom to do as you wish every day - including coming and going whenever you want, as well as receiving visitors.

We have a spacious lounge and dining room, with French windows leading into a bright and airy conservatory which meets a wide patio and the tranquil, well-maintained garden. It is perfect for relaxing or enjoying the sun in the company of other residents. Two nutritious home-cooked meals are served in the dining room each day, and special dietary requirements are catered for.

The house has a laundry, an open kitchen and a guest room for friends or relatives to stay. There are no worries about maintaining the house or garden, and the cleaning of your own room can be done for you if you wish. We also have ample parking.

The house is situated close enough to the heart of Oxford to give our residents easy access to all essential amenities – but not so close as to damage our tranquil location. There are convenient cafes, restaurants, parks, shops, etc., plus nearby bus-stops to take you down the road to the heart of Oxford or further afield to London.

We are also conveniently situated for access to all the Oxford’s NHS health care facilities. Its three hospitals, the John Radcliffe Hospital, the Churchill Hospital and the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, are all within easy reach on our side of the city.

Because we are a non-for-profit organisation, we have low residency charges which are fixed every year - so you can budget ahead with ease.

We presently have vacancies, please contact the house for more information.

Our special features:

The house’s best feature is its people – both staff and residents. Being a relatively small community creates a family ambience, and nobody feels overwhelmed or overcrowded.

On a more practical level, our team of staff, trustees and helpers dedicate themselves to making the residents happy, well looked-after and entertained. We
have regular outings, as well as a wide range of internal events – you can even benefit from a number of Oxford student helpers who visit the house to assist
residents with various tasks, including using computers and tablets.

Brian Lewis House is managed by Abbeyfield Oxford

Key features

  • Alarm system

  • Communal lounge

  • Conservatory

  • Dining room

  • Garden

  • Lift

  • Laundry facilities

Life at the house

Together with our volunteers and residents, we organise a regular programme of group and individual activities in response to residents’ requests, so there’s always something to keep you occupied or look forward to. Various outings, including trips to the theatre and cinema, and boat trips on the Thames, are arranged from time to time.

In addition, we invite guests to speak on a wide spectrum of subjects, and entertainers covering a variety of tastes from up-to-date to traditional and classical. Our residents are the driving force behind what we do, and lots of the events are their ideas.

Being in a seat of learning like Oxford, our residents can take advantage of a huge number of public lectures and events, museums and parks, music and poetry recitals –the list is endless. It may be famous for its dreaming spires, but Oxford’s youthful nature rubs off on people of all ages.

 food and dancers at abbeyfield brian lewis house supported housing for older people in Oxford

Typical activities include:

• Monthly coffee mornings – an informal get-together of residents, friends, trustees and guests
• Cinema visits – Oxford has traditional local “picture houses” as well as multiplexes
• Summer garden party – a big favourite among everybody involved with the house. The splendid food and the display or Eastern
  dance (see photo) was particularly appreciated
• Christmas party – annual trip along the road to our favourite restaurant
• Theatre trips – Oxford has two excellent theatres with everything from Shakespeare to panto
• Pub lunches – these never fail to please
• Day trips to local attractions – in a city and county with more than its fair share
• Birthday parties – everybody loves to celebrate theirs
• Talks and presentations – on anything and everything
• Music/singing recitals – a wide choice of styles to meet the wishes of our residents

Not only do our residents suggest ideas for social events, some of them take the lead and organise the whole thing themselves - something we're all really proud of. 

FoodAbbeyfield Oxford recognises the importance of food in a healthy and active life, at any age. We are very proud of our catering, providing two cooked meals a day as well as a help-yourself breakfast. Kitchens with kettles, toasters etc. are available for preparing drinks and snacks.

On the one hand, our residents want the kind of food they have grown up with, and we aim to provide balanced, familiar, and delicious home-cooked meals. On the other, they are open to trying more exotic cuisine from far and wide - something Chaowadee (our house manager and head chef) specialises in to the delight of all concerned. Family and friends can join residents for meals. Particular attention is given to special nutritional requirements and tastes of individual residents.


This is a buffet-style affair, with lots of different cereals, toast and jams/marmalades, various fruits, various juices, coffee and tea. On special occasions, a full English breakfast (bacon, egg, tomato, etc.) is available.

The main midday meal (hot)

All the meals are served with potatoes/vegetables/salads appropriately for their main content. In no particular order, the main meal might be a roast (especially on Sundays, when wine is served), a casserole, fish (a Friday favourite, sometimes baked salmon, sometimes other fish), stir-fry dishes, pies (chicken pie is a popular request), sirloin steak (available, if you wish, with mushrooms, pepper sauce and parsnips cooked with honey and whole mustard) - and many other delicious creations.

Some of the Chaowadee's specialities include Thai green curry with rice, a very special Thai casserole, and that old favourite: liver and bacon. On birthdays, a special meal is prepared for the person in question (and others if they want the same) and this will be served with wine or port or sherry and, of course, birthday cake.

Puddings too, are delicious and varied, and the range includes bread and butter pudding, rice pudding, lemon layer pudding, fruit salad, ice cream, jelly, various meringue puddings, fruit, trifle, lemon pie, cherry pie and sponges. Cheese and biscuits are also always available, as is a plentiful supply of tea and coffee.


This is a light meal, and is sometimes weather-dependent. On a cold winter night it might be homemade soup, and in summer it might be a cold meat salad, pork pie, or smoked salmon with lemon and salad. Other supper dishes include omelettes, sandwiches and macaroni cheese - all ideas are welcome, just talk to Chaowadee, our house manager and head chef.

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