Residents of Abbeyfield Newcastle plating with their new TovertafelResidents of Abbeyfield Newcastle have been chasing fish, completing well known proverbs and catching falling stars. And all through Tovertafel: an interactive resource that brings playful, light interactive games to turn any table into a magic space.

Tovertafel is Dutch for ‘magic table’ and is a resource for people of all ages and abilities to play together. Research has shown that it is great for including people in group and social interaction, including people with dementia or those who find communication difficult. 

Claire Murphy-Morgan, Volunteer Coordinator at Abbeyfield Newcastle said, "Tovertafel has just arrived and already some of our residents have thoroughly enjoyed a test drive! We look forward to extending the opportunity to play with to all our Abbeyfield residents and to welcoming the wider local community to pop in for a cuppa and a Tovertafel session with us very soon.

"Abbeyfield Newcastle is grateful to Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust, The Co-op Local Giving Fund and W. A. Hanley Trust for their funding and support towards the costs of a Tovertafel for our residents and for the local community. We are also extremely grateful to the family of our much-missed resident Mrs. Lowther for their kind contribution to this exciting new resource in memory of her."


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