Yuletide Celebrations Through the Ages

Join us on a heart-warming journey of festive nostalgia that transcends time as we uncover the cherished memories and time-honoured Christmas traditions held dear by Abbeyfield residents.

Christmas has the extraordinary ability to bring back cherished memories from the depths of our hearts. It's a season where the essence of tradition and the embrace of loved ones intertwine, creating a symphony of recollections that remind us that, in the gentle embrace of this festive season, every twinkling light holds a story, and every ornament cradles a memory.

Memories from New Malden 

"My earliest Christmas memory is of myself and my family going to church on Christmas Morning. I still remember to this day how friendly and lovely people were at the church on Christmas. I remember Roast Beef and what trimmings we could get in those days. We never had stuffing until later in life, as in the 1940's many things were hard to come by. My Favourite part of Christmas Day was always to have an Orange or a Tangerine, they were the biggest treat because they were so difficult to obtain." — Wendy, Abbeyfield House, New Malden
"My earliest Christmas memory was when I was 10 years old. Staying up as late as I could to see Father Christmas come from the fireplace. I never managed to stay awake long enough though. I remember my Father helping my Mother cook the Christmas Lunch. I used to love the Christmas Pudding that my Mother made. She used to make her 'Special Sauce' to go with it, which had rum in it. We used to have turkey and all the trimmings with all the family. I was also given Oranges on Christmas day because they were a big treat, being that they were so difficult to get at the time. Spending time with my family was very important in those days." — Margaret, Abbeyfield House, New Malden

Delivering Festive Cheer

Reminiscences from Thirsk & Sowerby Society

"My two brothers went out to the pub and it was very dark when they came in, I shouted to them 'he hasn’t been yet' and they said 'Go to sleep or he won’t come!'" — Anonymous resident, Abbeyfield Thirsk & Sowerby Society

What a heartwarming exploration of Christmas memories, woven by Abbeyfield residents. From the traditions that transformed a horse-drawn Milk Float into a festive spectacle, to the delightful surprises found in a Christmas present, each story is a testament to the magic of the season.


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