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At our Independent Living Houses, our staff offer support and assistance only when it’s required. We understand the importance of resident’s independence and that this is their home.  

Our staff are skilled at catering for any needs residents might have and be empathetic to the potential requirements that may develop during your time living with us.

The teams at our Independent Living houses are there to make sure all residents are safe and secure, that meals are nutritious and enjoyable, and that the house is a thoroughly enjoyable place to be.  


ActivitiesCore fitness classes every Wednesday which are open to all in the community and include things like chair hockey!

An Outreach Occupational Therapy Clinic which is held in the therapy room.  This has been so well utilised that it is now part of the NHS appointment system which has brought the waiting list down for them by 50%.

Chiropody and massage services are on offer with the arrival of a new therapy couch.

A fortnightly Falls Clinic which is also community centred with people coming in to be assessed for their walking ability, suitability for frames etc.

A meals service at lunchtimes which is open to the wider community - eg the Locks Heath team support a local person with Parkinsons Disease who comes in to have a proper cooked meal daily – this means he is able to still live independently at home.

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