Richard Powell, 89

Meet our resident Richard, born in Newport, South Wales as the only son, of an only son, of an only son. When Richard was a child his family relocated to London when his father was called to help in the Second World War effort, designing and building bridges for troops to cross rivers and uneven terrain in Europe.

After a somewhat uninspiring time at school, Richard pursued his dream to work in the motor industry and began an apprenticeship at a garage. On completing his apprenticeship Richard gained employment with Rootes Group, a British automobile manufacturer. Here he began climbing the career ladder until finally taking over a Rootes Group garage in Kings Cross, managing sales and marketing.

Whilst building his career Richard met his wife Sheila at a tennis club they were both members of. 

“It became a bit of a matrimonial club to be honest. I think there were 20 marriages in total,” Richard said.

In 1955 Richard and Sheila married and in the following years had three children. As his family started to grow older the family decided to move to Radlett and enjoy life outside of London.

After 63 years of marriage Richard’s wife sadly passed away. With his daughters living far away Richard decided he would like to live somewhere where he could be looked after. He chose to live at Abbeyfield House, Radlett where both his mother and wife’s mother had also lived in later life.

“They feed me, keep me warm and help me with my errands. They look after me as best as I could hope.”

Today, Richard enjoys socialising with friends, playing bridge and walking up the road to the pub for the occasional pint.

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