Peach, Volunteer at Burdett House

Meet Peach, she’s been a volunteer at Abbeyfield Burdett House in Cambridge since January this year. We caught up with her about her experience of volunteering with older people and to see if she would recommend it to others. Here's what she said:

“I saw an advertisement for voluntary work with Abbeyfield and was particularly interested in a role with them, as they are a charity who support older people in their local communities. Peach, volunteer at Burdett House

"Before applying I was temporarily unemployed after resigning from long term work. I had lost a lot of confidence and wasn’t yet ready to apply for paid work. I wanted to do voluntary work that was relevant to my past experience in admin and housing but most vacancies advertised did not fit these criteria.” 

After applying for the role, Peach was successful and joined the team to help carry out general admin duties and help with the recruitment process.

“My confidence quickly grew and I felt useful again. I realised that I was still competent.

"The hours were flexible which meant I could attend work without having to use childcare. This enabled me to start applying for paid jobs and also helped to fill a gap on my CV. It was particularly good to feel that the work I did was contributing to an ethical cause; supporting the elderly to live as independently as possible within a community.”

“I would say to others considering voluntary work to go for it! It’s very fulfilling to volunteer in your spare time, and make a positive contribution to your local community.”

If you would like to volunteer with older people at Abbeyfield, you can view our vacancies here.

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