Marjorie, 92, Burtons

Born in Saltash, Cornwall, Marjorie has enjoyed a long life full of impressive career achievements.

Growing up, Marjorie enjoyed life in Cornwall, helping her grandparents with their market farm and then spending four years in the country side near Truro when she was evacuated during WWII.

After completing school Marjorie joined the department store, Dingles (now House of Fraser) in Plymouth as their Statistics Manager. With a head for numbers, Marjorie then moved to London and managed an accountancy office of 60 people before progressing even further to supervise an office of 600 people.

Sadly, Marjorie never married as her fiancé was shot and killed, she said, “I was engaged once, but after he died that was that. I never married.” 

Aged 78, Marjorie decided to move back to the South West and lived in Plymouth near her friends and sister. But three years ago, Marjorie found herself to be very lonely when all of her friends died within a 12 month period.

“After all of my friends died I thought I best do something about this. One of my friends had lived in another Abbeyfield House before she died and loved it, so I looked for one near me and found Burtons. I’ve lived here for three years now and have made some lovely friends.

“There is nothing to worry about now I live at Burtons. The food is excellent, the people are friendly and there is always something to look forward to.”

Although Marjorie decided to give up driving a few years ago, she is still very active and enjoys trips to the seafront and hairdressers. When at Burtons, you can find Marjorie enjoying a good book or catching up on her favourite TV shows.

When asked what she thinks the secret to a long life is, Marjorie said, “the secret to a long life is to enjoy life just as it is, not as you wish it to be.”

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