John, 90

John spent his formative years in the army, serving from 18 until his retirement as captain at 30.

Having travelled extensively with the forces, John became a travel agent and once he had a few years’ experience under his belt he set up his own travel agency.

He was lucky enough to travel ‘around the world at least a couple of times’ with his work, including much of Europe and the Middle East.

John also visited Russia during a time when their government was pro-Western, something he looks back on as being perhaps his most interesting visit to date.

Upon retiring, John moved into Abbeyfield’s Westall House, sheltered housing in the leafy village of Horsted Keynes, West Sussex. 

“I think most people are impressed with this place,” John said. “Of course, it did take a little time to acclimatise but the atmosphere was very helpful and very friendly. It didn’t take long before I was taking in part in things, meeting people and socialising. There are no fancy introductions but you can feel the general friendliness.”

Having lived at Westall House for over six years, John is now very much involved in both the social fabric of the home and the vast array of activities available to residents.

“You can dip in and dip out as you see fit. We have crossword club, quizzes, art classes and exercises and there is no rule about being on time or anything like that. People can float about if they wish. Not that I do, mind, but there is absolutely no pressure at all.”

“I think the best thing about living here is that you don’t have to do anything at all!” John said. “No cooking or washing up and no laundry either and from that point of view it is very restful. To add to that, it’s a pretty nice place too. We have a great library and when the weather is nice, the garden is beautiful.”

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