Eileen Ferson, Abbeyfield Norwich Resident

Abbeyfield Norwich resident Eileen

Born and bred in Norwich, Eileen says she has always been a Norfolk girl.  She has fond memories of her childhood, and enjoyed spending time outside with her older sister.

“We had a nice garden and we enjoyed climbing trees. I liked doing quite tomboy-ish things.”

At school, English was her favourite subject. She loved to write and make up stories, leading her to study shorthand typing at college. After qualifying, she got a job as a typewriter at a local printing works. She stayed there right up until she retired.

Eileen volunteered a lot during retirement, helping out at a local Oxfam charity shop pricing up the items and assisting on the shop floor. She also spent a lot of time volunteering at a nursery school, playing with the toddlers and supporting the mothers who went there.

“That was the most enjoyable of all the things I’ve done, getting to play with those children.”

Abbeyfield resident Eileen has been living with us for 8 yearsLife At Abbeyfield

After becoming ill and spending a period of time in hospital, a nurse advised Eileen to look into supported housing options in the local area. Following a short trial stay at Abbeyfield House in Norwich, she decided to move in and has now been living with us for eight years.

As well as the beautiful view out of her bedroom window and the lovely staff at the house, her favourite thing about living at Abbeyfield is the meal times.

“I never liked eating alone,” she says. “Here, we go together to the dining room and eat our meals. Now I have good company to eat with.”

Today, Eileen enjoys spending her time reading and chatting to the other residents about their day.

“I don’t feel lonely at all.”

She has visitors a few times a week and enjoys spending time with her befriender, who comes to the house from the local Age UK.

“I’ve had my ups and downs but I think, all in all, I’ve been fairly lucky. I don’t regret a thing.”

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