Dr Colin Brown, Aged 81, Abbeyfield Norwich Resident

Abbeyfield Norwich resident Dr Colin Brown

Colin was born in Gateshead to a Scottish father and English mother. He enjoyed his childhood, despite his Father being away on active service in the war during much of this time.

He went to boarding school, then onto a school in Edinburgh, where he decided that he’d like to follow in his Father’s footsteps and study medicine.

“I enjoyed University,” he says “I did some Junior Doctor jobs in Newcastle and then in London.”

After this, he went on to work in America for two years before securing his very first consultants job in Norwich in the early 70s. He has lived in the city ever since.

Abbeyfield Norwich resident Dr Colin BrownLife at Abbeyfield

After a change in circumstances left him without a place to live, Colin arranged to come and visit the Abbeyfield House next to Norwich Cathedral. He moved in shortly after and has now been happily living with us for 10 years.

“I’m very happy living here. I like the staff very much. The food is superb and I get on with all the residents.”

Despite being partially sighted, Colin is able to continue living a very active lifestyle doing the things he enjoys, such as daily walks around the Cathedral grounds and along the riverside.

“I go down to the local pub and have a pint of beer every evening.”

As well as this, he still teaches lectures in Neurology to a group of third year University students.

When he’s not lecturing or enjoying a pint in his local pub, Colin enjoys watching television and popping in to see the other residents in the house.

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