Dorothy Kelly, Volunteer at Abbeyfield House, Ballachulish

Having volunteered at Abbeyfield Ballachulish for the past 28 years, Dorothy is a well-known and respected member of the Abbeyfield Family.

Anyone who knows Dorothy Kelly speaks highly of her dedication to Abbeyfield. As a keen artist, Dorothy runs a weekly art class with residents and members of the community offering both artistic and emotional well-being for everyone involved. From watercolour paintings to collage, Dorothy is always coming up with creative ways to stimulate her class with Christmas and Easter festivities being a particularly inspirational time for her class.

Dorothy champions all of our resident’s artistic abilities and takes great pride in the work they produce, often framing many of their paintings and displaying them in the community. 

“Everyone is welcome at Dorothy’s class. She welcomes new residents and members of the community with enthusiasm and a calm, welcoming approach ensuring a friendly environment that encourages everyone to gain stimulation through a mixture of social interaction, emotional well-being and a feeling of self-worth”, said john McLaren, Abbeyfield Ballachulish Chairman.

When we asked Dorothy why she volunteers for Abbeyfield, she said “I felt I could use my skills to enhance the activities provided with something different. It has been so rewarding to see people blossoming and becoming more confident.”

“After almost 30 years Abbeyfield Ballachulish has become part of my life, I continue to volunteer to be part of an excellent service provided to the clients and community.”

Not only does Dorothy volunteer at Abbeyfield but she also donates her time to read and record newspaper articles for the Blind Society.

It’s fair to say that Dorothy is a shining example of why volunteers are so important to Abbeyfield and make a huge impact on our residents’ lives.

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