Bel MacDonald, Cusack House, Abbeyfield Winchester

Having suffered a small stroke Bel felt it was time to move in to supported housing. Bel wanted to live somewhere where she could retain her independence but remain part of a social community. On visiting Cusack House with her daughter, she felt this was the place for her.

Speaking about her life at Cuasck House Bel said, “The people here are so interesting and welcoming, I really enjoy my life with Abbeyfield.

“The staff can’t do enough for me. They get to know us so well and they cater to all of our idiosyncrasies. In fact, if it wasn’t for Jane, our gardener and catering assistant, I’m not sure where I’d be.

“I was falling a lot and couldn’t predict when it would happen next. One day in my room I was getting ready to go out and suddenly fell for no apparent reason. I banged my head on the wall and fell down behind the door. It was such a loud bang I thought I would likely be very badly injured and maybe not recover at all. Cusack House

“I pressed my personal fob alarm to alert staff I needed help but because I was behind the door they weren’t able to get in.

“Amazingly, Jane, one of our catering assistants remembered a window in my room was slightly open and she somehow climbed through and opened my French doors to allow the paramedics in. I don’t know how she did it because I have a cabinet full of photos and trinkets beneath the window and she didn’t knock one thing over. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know what they would have done or how long it would have taken for them to get to me.

“I was taken to hospital and stayed for just over a week as I’d broken my upper arm and shoulder which can’t be replaced so I was told to rest and wait for it to heal itself.

“I’m very independent so I’d like it to heal as quickly as possible but everyone at Cusack House is looking after me which is just marvellous.”

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