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Meet our staff

The house is managed by Patricia Morrison and her Deputy, both of whom are qualified nurses and experienced carers.

Other staff includes Senior and Junior carers, activities support worker, cook and domestic staff.


Patricia Morrison

- Manager

I have worked at Abbeyfield Irvine for around 18 years, encouraging all colleagues to participate in creating a family-like atmosphere for all our residents and resident friends/family when visiting. Over the years we have developed a 'Your home, not a home' perspective within our house and we take great pride in giving a positive, happy experience for all who spend time with us at Abbeyfield.


Emma Hume

- Nurse

As well as being a great care home Abbeyfield has great career opportunities. I have been working with Abbeyfield for over 10 years now and I have progressed from care assistant to staff nurse. We in Irvine only have 26 residents and I feel we can provide and give more personal care to our residents. As a whole, the staff and residents are more like one big family than an organisation which I feel makes a difference.


Esther Hannah

- Senior Carer

Abbeyfield has been my place of employment for over 18 years and it is in my opinion that we in Irvine aim to encourage our residents to be as independent as possible and to keep in contact with the community. We as a whole offer a very personal caring service, giving our residents choice at every opportunity, to try and fulfil their personal aims and ambitions. Going to the church, meeting friends in a cafe, social meets and continuing with hobbies are just some of activities we enjoy with our residents.


Heather Berry

- Activity Coordinator

I've worked at Abbeyfield for about 5 years and for me I get great job satisfaction by making anyone who is feeling down, happy! I aim to try every day to make our residents laugh and feel good by doing activities and little gestures, both to the residential group as a whole and to individuals if I feel they are a bit low in spirit. Sometimes the little things are all that's needed to create a happy, meaningful environment.


DancingWe have a full-time Activities Team who have a wide experience of physical, mental and social stimulation. They are highly qualified in the care field with a wealth of practical experience. In addition to this they continually strive to increase their knowledge by attending training courses and visiting other units. The enthusiasm is such that everyone becomes involved in activities and outings.

Group activities include coffee afternoons, word searches and quizzes and sing-a-longs.  In addition to these practical groups are encouraged, needlework, baking, flower arranging and gardening are among the activities provided.  We are of course aware that not everyone wishes to participate in group activities so time is set aside for one-to-one sessions.

Our philosophy in Abbeyfield is to encourage residents to retain or regain their community links and so visits to the library, shops etc. feature in our day-to-day activities. The proximity of the town centre to the house means that, weather permitting, residents can walk to the shops.

A typical week:


• Monday moan (newspaper review)
• Sports round up (internet)
• Music & movement (action songs)
• Mens group with Carrie
• Ladies after lunch with Heather (baking, jewellery making etc)


• Quick quiz
• Weekly price review (internet)
• Music & movement (using props)
• Tuesday tasting
• Reflections group


• Wednesday wordwheel
• Walk down memory lane (internet)
• Music & movement (wii)
• Life story work
• Internet club for all


• Crossword
• Music & movement (chairbased exercise dvd)
• Art therapy session (Karina)
• Scrapbooking
• Pet therapy
• Arts & crafts


• Friday fun
• Funny stories
• Joke session
• Karaoke singalong/dance along
• Games afternoon - dominos, plays your cards right, ten pin bowling


• Conversation group
• Hangman
• Outing for coffee & browse shops (to town)


• Sunday morning fellowship (hymns, inspirational stories & quotes)
• Abbeyfield Allsorts shop
• Movie matinee
• 1-1 quiet time with residents who are not wanting to watch the film

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