We believe that choosing Abbeyfield is a good move

Every one of our residents is special and deserves the very best level of service, and we're committed to making their lives as happy as possible. Through our ethos of care and our remarkable staff we aim to enhance later life for all residents that live at an Abbeyfield home.

Our beliefs

We believe that a fulfilling life is one that nourishes an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs; that everybody has an intrinsic value and worth and should be supported to live in dignity and with respect. We understand how important freedom and independence are but we’re always there for reassurance and extra help if required.


The Abbeyfield Society is founded on the belief that Christian principles of care and compassion can and should be used to enhance the lives of older people to allow them to play an important and unique role in the wider community. We give a high priority to the medical, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of older people to both develop a sense of community and companionship to alleviate loneliness and reduce any potential feelings of isolation. Through caring, openness, honesty and respect, we enhance the quality of life for older people.

Our staff

To ensure that we recruit and retain the best staff for whom the job is a vocation, we're the first national care home provider to commit to paying them a living wage that recognises their time, dedication and the importance of the excellent job they do. This helps attract the best people who, in turn, do the best job. When our staff are happy then they can share their happiness with you. For more information visit the Living Wage Foundation website.

Each member of staff is a specialist and they receive regular training and development with access to the latest understanding and knowledge in care practice which means that our residents get the best possible care available. We operate within our own supportive community to mentor and encourage each and every one of them to 'go that little bit further'. They will also take the time to get to know you and make sure that they have enough time to give you the attention you need – there’s no cutting corners!

And then there are our 4,000+ volunteers who dedicate their own time to provide support and friendship to those who have chosen to live with us. All our houses and homes benefit from the invaluable hours that our volunteers invest in organising activities and events, helping to run the homes and ensuring that they are stimulating and warm environments. Many will be from your local area so moving into one of our homes doesn’t mean losing the connection with your old community.

Making time

One thing we feel very passionate about is making time for older people.  We’re dedicated to that commitment and all our time and energies will go into supporting you, so whatever your concerns, we’ll have time for you. We don’t limit the time we spend on providing the right level of care and support which means that there’s always time to talk, listen or try new activities.

Our staff can spend as much time with you as you require. When you need us we’ll always be there - but we’re sensitive to both your requirements and your privacy so if you want to be on your own then that’s fine too.