Supported housing options for older people

Supported housing, also known as sheltered housing, is a type of accommodation for older people which allows you to remain as independent as possible without the worry of maintaining your own home. 

What is included in supported housing accommodation? 

Supported housing can differ from one scheme to another, however it usually consists of private rooms or self-contained flats within a house. Communal facilities are normally available for residents to use, such as a lounge, dining room and garden.

supported housing options for older people in the uk

As part of living in a supported housing facility, it is common that at least two meals are provided for residents each day. 

There will be a House Manager (or scheme manager) who lives on or off site to manage the day-to-day running of the house and ensure every resident is safe and comfortable at all times. All supported housing schemes should provide 24-hour emergency help in case it is ever needed. 

Organisations such as the Elderly Accommodation Council (EAC) can offer advice on what you should expect from housing and can help you make decision about where you want to live in later life. 

The benefits of supported housing for older people

  1. Supported housing can be a great way to alleviate loneliness in older people, as schemes will provide opportunities to take part in new activities, go on days out, and socialise with other residents and volunteers

  2. If you or your relative are struggling to manage with the day-to-day tasks that come with maintaining your own home, moving into supported housing can offer accommodation that is far easier to manage

  3. For older people who have reduced mobility, supported housing that is designed with older people in mind can be a much safer environment to live in  

Supported housing for older people near me

At Abbeyfield, our HCA regulated supported housing schemes are all about making life easier for our residents and ensuring you can remain as independent as you would like. We offer rooms with a home-from-home feel in safe and secure environments with companionship from other residents in communal areas.

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