Anne - Resident

Art had always been Anne’s passion and it became even more important to her after she lost her husband.

When a debilitating stroke robbed her of the use of her right arm, Anne was devastated to find herself unable to pursue her beloved pastime.
"It was a terrible time," said Anne. "I tried to go left-handed, but it was so frustrating. I had some very low times. I felt that I’d lost it all and everything I’d ever done was a waste of time".

Volunteering with Abbeyfield

Staff at the Abbeyfield Falmouth introduced her to 20-year-old graphic design student Ruan, a volunteer with Abbeyfield’s Click! Programme - a ground-breaking inter-generational project which helps older people gain digital confidence and ability. Using an iPad, Ruan showed Anne how she could use art apps and before long Anne was creating intricate art pieces using just her fingertip.

Although Anne has regained some movement in her right arm, she remains an iPad convert. "I’m hooked on it," she said. Ruan helped me find special programmes about threads and weaving and ancient textiles in Peru. He has also helped me learn how to email my son who lives in Australia, too".

Not only has Click! opened the door to a whole new digital world for Anne – it has helped her build new friendships with a different generation.

"Ruan is a great help and has become a good friend. He gave me hope when I thought there was none."