Abbeyfield was established to address isolation and loneliness among older people. 60 years on, this mission remains true today. All too often society portrays older age as a problem to be solved and exacerbates the negative perceptions of being old, creating a fear that feeds anxiety, loneliness and isolation impacting on health and well-being.

We believe that older age shouldn’t rob anyone of their happiness. Older age can be full of meaning and purpose for those who are able to be part of their community. We want to generate possibilities for older people across the UK.

Introducing Golden Moments

Golden Moments is about enriching the lives of older people everywhere through events, activities and initiatives that create connections with local communities, provide moments to look forward to and champion optimism for older people. 

Abbeyfield have always opened their doors to those in need of companionship and indeed we hold many events that look to invite older people into the Abbeyfield family to support friendships over a cup of tea or a meal. We are in our sixth year of our Companionship at Christmas campaign that supports older people who may otherwise be alone at Christmas. But at Abbeyfield we recognise loneliness and isolation is not just at Christmas and we have a calendar of regular events that older people can look forward to throughout the year.

Through our Golden Moments programme, our houses and homes across the country and internationally will continue to reach out to engage with their wider local communities, so that existing facilities and activities are available to everyone and more people can get involved as well as be supported.

How does Golden Moments work?

Golden Moments campaign

Golden Moments will look to use events and provide activities for all to get involved in, inviting older people within our communities into our Abbeyfield houses and homes to share food, friendship and laughter. Opportunities to try new things or simply just to have a chat and make new friendships, so those in later life feel better connected to their local communities, with lives enriched and moments to look forward to.

We feel this programme can reach-out to older people and make a real positive difference - and you can get involved! 

You can join us in making a real difference to the lives of older people, now and in the future. Contact us to find out more about Golden Moments. 

Contact Golden Moments team

The Golden Moments programme is also looking for partner organisations to work alongside Abbeyfield to deliver the programme to as many older people as possible. You can download a partner pack information sheet here If you feel your organisation could become a partner of Golden moment or would like to learn more then please email us: