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Support Abbeyfield to make a lasting difference to lives of older people across the UK. Our campaigns are designed to raise awareness and support older people in communities up and down the country. You can help our campaigns by getting involved or by donating.

Winter Warmth

It was National Older People’s Day this Sunday (October 1), and there are now just 12 weeks until Christmas Eve.

And while the Christmas build-up is a time of excitement for many, for the thousands of older people living alone, it signals a countdown to the time of year when feelings of isolation and anxiety can be at their greatest.

But that is where Abbeyfield can help...Feel The Warmth is Abbeyfield’s winter campaign and when we hope to make a real difference to the country’s older people throughout the coldest and loneliest time of the year. Abbeyfield's across the UK will be engaging with their local communities this winter and spreading the warmth with events, activities and meals across the winter period.

Support Campaign Through Volunteering

Volunteers make an enormous positive impact on the lives of older people. You can support our Feel The Warmth campaign by getting involved as a volunteer. 

We partner with, and all our current volunteering opportunities are listed - just follow the link below

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Learn More About Our Campaign 

Older people from our communities are invited to join us at this time as Abbeyfield becomes a beacon of warmth; offering uplifting conversation and friendships throughout the coldest months.

To find out more email us on: or call: 01727 734067

And look out for Feel The Warmth on social media #feelthewarmth