Support Abbeyfield to make a lasting difference to lives of older people across the UK. Our campaigns are designed to raise awareness and support older people in communities up and down the country. You can help our campaigns by getting involved or by donating.

November 16th marks the start of Companionship at Christmas, Abbeyfield’s annual drive to help raise awareness of, and alleviate, the loneliness felt amongst older people in our communities across the festive period.

We know that the ideal Christmas is about companionship, laughter, great food and making friends and we open the doors of our Abbeyfield homes across the UK to celebrate Christmas with the older people in our communities who may have otherwise been alone.

The aim of Companionship at Christmas

Our aim is to welcome in as many older people as we can, to make new friends and to make sure that everybody has somebody to celebrate Christmas with.

It is estimated that 500,000 older people will be spending Christmas day alone and this simply isn’t on. At a time when others come together to share the festivities, we can do something about it and that’s why we open our doors!

Last year we helped over 500 older people enjoy the warmth of Christmas and this year we want to do more. We are inviting older people in communities across the country to come and join in with the many festivities offered by our houses.

If you, or anyone you know, is worried about being alone over Christmas, please do get in touch with Abbeyfield and join in the free Christmas events and celebrations happening from November right through to January.

Enquire here    or call: 01727 734144  (Events from November and into January) 

How to support Companionship at Christmas

Companionship at Christmas relies on the goodwill and support of volunteers and donors. The events, activities and meals provided during the campaign can only be provided for free due to the additional financial and voluntary support we receive.

The more money we raise and volunteers we recruit, the more older people we can help over Christmas.

Volunteer at an event

Supporting Companionship at Christmas

Volunteering has a positive impact on the lives of our residents, the campaigns we run and people who volunteer, this is illustrated by Slyvi, a volunteer at our Donaldson Lodge House.   

We have a number of rewarding volunteering roles this Christmas. Learn more about our volunteering opportunities through

Volunteer With Abbeyfield This Christmas 

Donation to support our events

You can support Companionship at Christmas by donating online. All donations will help us to reach out to more lonely older people over the festive period, the funds will directly help us run events and activities

  • A donation of £10 can pay for a taxi to get an older person with mobility issues to one of our houses
  • and £20 could pay for a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! So please, give what you can and help make an older person's Christmas. 

Donate to Companionship at Christmas

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