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Volunteering is good for the individual and the communities they live in. It gives people a sense of purpose and a feeling of giving something back. But, research shows us that there is a significant decline in the number of people who volunteer after the age of 75. Why?

Welcome to our ‘Residents as Volunteers’ project pages

The Abbeyfield Society have received funding from the Big Lottery Fund to deliver the ‘Residents as Volunteers’ Project.

Big Lottery Funded

The aim of the project is to increase volunteering activity in those over seventy five years old, and working in conjunction with the Institute for Volunteering Research to measure the impact volunteering has on the well-being and quality of life of those who participate.

Hi, I’m Dot I would like to tell you about our Big Lottery funded ‘Residents as Volunteers’ project and how I became involved. The volunteering project encourages people in later, later life - that’s over 75, just like me - to volunteer either inside or outside their home. I started volunteering last summer, and I must say, I simply haven’t looked back.

Dot - Abbeyfield resident who volunteers

When I moved into my new Abbeyfield home, my daughter said ‘why don’t you start knitting again mum?’ As fate should have it, that week I was told about this project. So, I started knitting again. I now make squares for blankets to support a local charity, and there’s no stopping me!

And while, I know I’m making a difference to my local community, volunteering has been great for me too. I’ve felt so much happier recently and I’ve also found knitting has helped me gain more movement back in my hands since I developed arthritis.

I truly think everyone in later life should volunteer. In fact, I’ve managed to get everyone in my home knitting with me. It’s finding out what type of volunteering works for you.

Knitting is my thing, but there are so many other volunteering opportunities available.

To make sure that even more older people reap the benefits of volunteering, our project is being evaluated by the Institute for Volunteering Research.

Click here for the mid project summary report

Click here for the mid project full report 

At the end of our two year project we’ll also be sharing our findings through a full Evaluation report and Good Practice Guide (Autumn 2018).

If you have a question or would like to add your name to our project mailing list, simply add your contact details below.

Dot x

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our residents as volunteers project encouraging volunteering in older peopleThis new booklet shares just a few examples of our resident volunteers, and the positive impact that volunteering has had on their lives.

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