Abbeyfield's residents as volunteers

Volunteering is good for the individual and the communities they live in. It gives people a sense of purpose and a feeling of giving something back. But, research shows us that there is a significant decline in the number of people who volunteer after the age of 75. Why?

abbeyfield residents enjoying the garden

Our ‘Residents as Volunteer’s project aims to understand and then begin to overcome some of the reasons why as we age we begin to stop volunteering in the traditional sense. At Abbeyfield, we strongly believe that age should not be a barrier to volunteering and any instance of ‘making time’ for others counts, from laying the table to teaching children to read.

As the project develops we will share our findings in two main ways:

• A good practice guide, aimed at practioners to support more people in later, later life to volunteer

• A report (undertaken by the Institute for Volunteering Research) measuring the impact of volunteering on the well-being and quality of life of our residents as they volunteer

The Impact of Volunteering in Later Life - Conference

We invite you to our free event ‘Impact of Volunteering in Later Life 75+’ on Wednesday 28th June at The Holiday Inn, Deane Gate Avenue, Taunton TA1 2UA.

This half day conference will share mid project findings from our innovative Big Lottery funded project ‘Residents as Volunteers’, encouraging residents over 75 years old to reap the health and well-being benefits of volunteering.

Working in conjunction with the Institute of Volunteer Research (part of NVCO) the conference will draw out key learnings from the mid-project impact evaluation, alongside practical advice to overcome barriers and challenges to encourage more people in later, later life to volunteer both inside and outside residential care settings.

Conference details:

Date: Wednesday 28th June 2017

Venue: Holiday Inn, Taunton

Timings: 9.30am start, close at 12.30pm with a buffet lunch.

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