Finance/Accountancy Volunteer Board Member, Abbeyfield Research Foundation

Closing date: 15/03/2019

Our sister charity, The Abbeyfield Research Foundation, is looking for a Board Trustee to manage the financial aspects of the Foundation. Established in 2015, the Foundation awards grants to UK based academics.

About The Abbeyfield Research Foundation

There is a dearth of good quality research focusing solely on older people and their needs, and Abbeyfield as a charity, has always believed in the ethos of caring for the whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and that older people deserve the same opportunities for good treatment and care as anyone else.

Funding good quality research is one way to make that happen, and to date, we’ve funded 26 projects, with several new projects to be awarded funding in July this year.

Funding good quality research supports and maintains best practice in health and social care, and models which encompass elements of both. The demographics of aging are changing, and how health and social care for older people is organised has also started changing too. People are living for longer, and therefore more people will need access to better care – specific to their needs and age.

By having an age-related research programme encompassing a broad range of disciplines, it’s hoped the work of the Abbeyfield Foundation may help breathe some new life into the sector as a whole. We see our Foundation as being a leader and a driving force to help make sure that research in the ageing sector is seen as important, desirable and useful.

The Abbeyfield Research Foundation offers 3 types of grants to UK based academics, with the call for applications launched annually each October to run alongside the start of the academic year.

• Innovative Pump - Priming Grants

Grants in this category will cover the preliminary evaluation of an innovative or novel concept over a maximum 12-month period to underpin a subsequent more substantial application for funding. This may be a project where little is known about the subject matter, or it’s being applied under different conditions. The level of this award is typically up to £20k on a one-off basis.

• Small Project Grants

This type of funding is suitable for a more substantial project addressing a specific subject. Grants in this category will cover applicant salary, running costs and possibly items of essential equipment. Awards for this type of project are typically up to £50k per year over 18 months or 2 years

• PhD Studentships

Applications for PhDs come from prospective supervisors (usually professors or other senior academics) in institutions providing graduate training programmes for grants providing funding for the student, university bench fees and project running costs. The most costly type of grant to award, these cost typically around £20-30k per year over 3 years

How do we choose which projects to fund?

There are selection criteria applied at each step of the 2 stage process. Initial applications are assessed for the strength of the proposal, the degree of innovation, the ‘fit’ with Abbeyfield, the strength of the academic team, and their expertise in the subject area, the project’s ability to enhance and add to evidence based knowledge within that field and the value for money of the project.

The scientific advisory panel, chaired by Professor Cameron Swift and including eminent research experts from across the country, then discuss each project in turn, picking out the ones that are invited to apply for a more in-depth stage two application. From this shortlist, the applications are discussed again, and the successful projects are identified.

What is expected of a Trustee

A Trustee of the Foundation is expected to attend 2-3 meetings per year, which could be face to face or via teleconference. The finance expert is required to take the Board through the dashboard, describing grant draw down and identifying any surpluses. The role is supported by the accountancy team of the Abbeyfield Society.

To Apply

If you would like to discuss this opportunity, please email or contact Sarah Heaney, Research Manager on 01727 734067

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