Companionship at Christmas 2018

Every year, almost a million older people feel lonelier at Christmas. That's why our homes are opening their doors to welcome in as many older people in the community as we can who may have otherwise been alone over the festive period.

Offering the chance to meet new friends, eat good food and take part in festive activities, Companionship at Christmas aims to make sure everybody has someone to spend Christmas with.

Older people alone at Christmas

If you, or anyone you know, is worried about being alone over the Christmas period, please get in touch with Abbeyfield and join in with the free festive fun at our events that are happening from November right through to January.

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Companionship at Christmas Abbeyfield

Supporting Companionship at Christmas 

The events, activities and meals offered during Companionship at Christmas can only be provided for free thanks to the goodwill of volunteers and the generosity of donations we receive from people like you.

Volunteer this Christmas

From serving up a delicious festive meal to lending a helping hand at Christmas themed events, our volunteers are such an important part of the activities that we run during the festive season. Without the amazing volunteers that come into our houses and homes, we wouldn't be able to help as many older people as we do.

Do you want to help make a difference to the life of an older person this Christmas?

Volunteer with us

Donate to help support our events

You can support Companionship at Christmas by donating online. All donations will help us to reach more lonely older people over the festive period, directly helping us run more events and activities.

  • A donation of £10 can pay for a taxi to get an older person with mobility issues to one of our houses
  • £20 could pay for a gift and traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! 

Donate and help make an older persons Christmas


Companionship at Christmas for Older People


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