What is Companionship at Christmas all about?

Our ‘Companionship at Christmas’ campaign is about Abbeyfield opening its doors at Christmas. We want to invite local communities to our houses and homes and to local events arranged by us. We want to celebrate Christmas with older people in our communities that otherwise may have been spending Christmas alone.   

Why do we have a Companionship at Christmas campaign?

It’s estimated that nearly half a million older people will be spending Christmas day alone. 17% of older people are in contact with friends, family and neighbours less than once a week and 11% are in contact less than once a month. Being alone at Christmas time is hard for anybody but it can be especially true for older people living alone or are unable to join family and friends. At a time when others come together to share the festivities, those spending it alone can feel a real sense of isolation and loneliness. Here at Abbeyfield we can do something about it. Last year, there were over 400 events nationwide, helping over 500 older people to have fun at Christmas, with warmth, friendship and to spend time with people who really care.

Our aims this year 

  • To highlight the plight of the estimated 500,000 older people who will spend Christmas alone, by encouraging them to join in the free social festivities being offered by The Abbeyfield Society
  • To alleviate the worry often associated around admitting loneliness, for all generations. We must remember that loneliness affects everyone and sometimes those who volunteer with us at Christmas may choose to do so because of this too
  • To inspire people under 55, especially those with families, to adopt the Christmas message of ‘goodwill to all men’ and to share warmth, companionship, laughter and festive food with their older community by volunteering at our events

Coming to an event

Abbeyfield will be running Companionship at Christmas events from November and into January. Enquire below to see how you can get involved in a Companionship at Christmas event. 

Enquire here        or call: 01727 734128 

Donation to support our events

Help us to do more. By giving just a small amount you can help us to reach out to more lonely older people over the festive period:

  • £50 could pay for an entertainer
  • £25 could pay for a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, and a present
  • £10 could pay for a taxi ride

Donate to Companionship at Christmas

Volunteer at an event

If you are interested in getting involved at one of our Companionship at Christmas events you can learn more about volunteering here

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