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It's estimated that around half a million older people will be alone at Christmas. Companionship at Christmas is Abbeyfield's campaign to help alleviate loneliness in older people, primarily over the Christmas period, but also to highlight the general issue facing lots of older members of our communities. 

You can get involved with our Companionship at Christmas campaign by offering your time as a volunteer or by donating. The campaign helps alleviate loneliness in older people, primarily over the Christmas period, but also aims to help those facing isolation on an ongoing basis.

Support by making a donation

By making a donation you are helping Abbeyfield deliver on our campaign objective of helping as many lonely older people over the festive period. A donation will have a direct benefit and can help fund things like:

  • a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings
  • a present for a guest who has been invited into one of our homes
  • could pay for a taxi to get a lonely older person to an Abbeyfield 

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Support by volunteering

We’re as busy as elves at the moment planning lots of activities to ensure that Christmas is special for older people living in our homes and the local community – it’s all part of our bigger campaign to alleviate loneliness and isolation. 

We’ll start to list our festive volunteering opportunities from mid November onwards on, or you can search our participating houses to see if there is one near you - then contact the house directly and see how you can help. 

Roles will include; helping serve Christmas dinner and drinks, running fun festive activities, decorating our homes or simply spending time talking to our guests.

If for there is not an event near you, then you can always volunteer from the comfort of your own home. You can:

  • Write an extra Christmas card this year with a special wish and we will make sure it is given to a lonely older person who is joining us for Christmas. Please send cards to: Christmas cheer, The Abbeyfield Society, St Peter’s House, 2 Bricket Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3JW
  • Spread the word. Tell more people about our commitment to alleviating loneliness and isolation by following Abbeyfield on Twitter and Facebook 

If you have a question about volunteering email our team on: Thank you for making an older person’s life better this Christmas.

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