Abbeyfield Strathgryffe and Ballachulish Societies top the Times league table.

The Care Inspectorate in Scotland has given perfect scores across the board to Campbell Snowdon House and Abbeyfield House, run by the Abbeyfield Strathgryffe Society and Abbeyfield Ballachulish Society respectively. The Societies are both Members of The Abbeyfield Society, and are assisted by Abbeyfield Societies in Scotland (ASIS), which provides some central support and coordination for the Abbeyfield Family in Scotland.

As reported in The Times, following their most recent inspections, both homes were given six out of six across the five categories of Wellbeing, Care and support, Setting, Staff and Leadership, with no complaints or enforcements. They were two of only four care homes, out of around 800 in the country, to receive 30 out of 30.  Only 28 homes received perfect scores in the Wellbeing category.

Alan Innes, Chairman of ASIS, said, “I was heartened to see the table in The Times article that shows to all their readers, across the world, the quality of care provided by Abbeyfield Societies to its residents, and which shines such a positive light on the wider Abbeyfield Family. On behalf of the ASIS board, my sincere congratulations to all our unsung stars.”