People defying the stereotypes of ageing


From 88-year-old wing walkers to 105-year-olds who are still riding roller coasters and breaking records, we take a look at five inspirational older people in the UK who are defying the stereotypes of ageing:  

105 and showing no signs of slowing down!

As well as being the oldest person in the world to get a tattoo, 105-year-old Jack Reynolds from Derbyshire also holds the record for the oldest person in the world to ride a rollercoaster! As we approach his 106th birthday, he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down as in January 2018; Jack proved age is just a number yet again by completing an abseil.

But what is his secret to still being so active at his age? Whisky, according to a recent interview with the Metro! Every morning, Jack has a whisky in his tea followed by two shots of in a glass with lemonade every night!

The inspirational 77-year-old ballerina

After attending the ballet with her family during WW2, Suzelle Poole had her first ballet lesson at the age of 7, eventually leading onto her falling in love with dance and travelling the world performing. Despite most ballerinas being known to have short careers, 70 years later she is still doing what she loves, teaching the next generation of dancers.

defying the stereotypes of ageing

Suzelle still gets the opportunity to perform at a local care home, where she takes her students to put on shows for the residents. In an interview for BBC Three’s Amazing Humans series, she says she hopes to show people that “it’s never too late” to do what you love.

The oldest female wing-walker at the age of 88

Former nurse Betty Bromage set a new record back in 2016 for being the oldest female wing-walker! The 88 year old, who lives at one of our supported housing schemes in Gloucestershire, was strapped to the wings of a 1944 biplane and completed her record-breaking wing-walk in the skies over Gloucestershire Airport!

She told The Sun newspaper, that she is looking for her ‘next challenge,’ and is set to break her own record yet again this year when she does another wing-walk for her 89th birthday!

Breaking records at the age of 70

Angela Copson was never into sport at school and only started running at the age of 59, but has since become one of the fastest marathon runners in the world for her age category. Now at the age of 70, she is keen to promote the number of different health benefits that come with living a more active lifestyle, and stresses that “you don’t have to be a specific age [...] people of all ages run!” Proving that you’re never too old to have incredible achievements, Angela won the new world record in the women’s 10,000m race for her age group back in 2017!

Still achieving amazing things at the age of 103 

Marjorie, who lives with us at the Abbeyfield Court supported housing scheme in Sidmouth, is 103 and still achieving amazing things with no signs of slowing down! In 2016, she penned a collection of poems about Sidmouth, and used her entrepreneurial skills to sell them to festival-goers during a festival! The proceeds from copies sold then went towards restoring the garden at the house.

defying the stereotypes of ageing

Last year, following a decision by staff at the University of Roehampton that many former teachers were degree standard, Marjorie was given an honorary degree. At the age of 103, this made her the oldest person to have ever been given one by the University!

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