Government must boost volunteering, Abbeyfield Chief Executive urges during PM visit


The Government mustn't abandon its pre-election pledge to require that larger employers give people an extra three days leave a year to volunteer in a charity of their choice. This was the message from Abbeyfield when the Prime Minister visited one of our assisted living houses in Oxfordshire on Friday 3 July.

"The Conservative Party’s pre-election work place volunteering pledge will make a huge difference to charities like ours”, said Natasha Singarayer, Chief Executive of Abbeyfield.

Abbeyfield Chief Executive Natasha Singarayer with Prime Minister David Cameron at Abbeyfield's Old Bakehouse in Chadlington, Oxfordshire"Because making a profit is not our prime motive, charities like ours represent a key part of the solution to the challenge of social care underfunding.  Volunteers are part of the mix that helps us support older people and the Government should be doing everything it can to establish the volunteering habit in British Society.

"We are lucky to have a large band of volunteers supporting our work at the moment but one of our biggest challenges is attracting younger professional volunteers – our supporters of the future.

"This is why we were so excited when the volunteering pledge was included in the Conservative manifesto and why we are now concerned about mounting speculation that it may be abandoned."

Singarayer added, "There’s no downside to large companies and the public sector allowing their employees to volunteer for three days a year. It offers the corporates a new perspective and it embeds volunteering as a way of life in the employee’s life.  For a charity like ours, it could be a real boon to ensuring that we continue to underpin the elderly care sector."

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