Abbeyfield services

Abbeyfield has built up a wealth of experience looking after the needs of older people over many years.  We understand people need flexibility and choice to cover every eventuality, including taking a holiday or simply having a break.  Here you can find out more about additional services we offer.

Respite Care

Whether you support a loved one, or someone cares for you, it's important that now and again you have a break.  With Abbeyfield's respite care services, you can relax knowing the person you look after is in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment with 24-hour care.  Respite stays also help carers build a relationship with the staff and home, which can prove beneficial if a more permanent stay is necessary in future.

Carers often feel worried or guilty about taking a break, even for a short time.  However, it's important to remember that to provide the best care, it's important you relax, recharge the batteries and take time for yourself occasionally.

Speak to us

If you're considering respite care and would like some more information, contact your local Abbeyfield house manager.  They'll be happy to talk over any questions you have and provide more details.

Holiday Rentals

If you're looking for a change of scene or a holiday away from home, Abbeyfield can help.  We have plenty of holiday properties to match the kind of break you need, whether it's beachfront or a countryside retreat. 

All lets offer the same level of service you'd expect from an Abbeyfield home away from home, with tasty meals, excellent facilities and the chance to join in with activities, days out and social events. 


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