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What's it all about?

Many of our houses and homes are supported by trustees who offer guidance to the local staff managing the house.  They tend to get involved in the strategic direction of the house as well as governance matters.  Generally, boards of trustees have a wide range of skill sets but all share an interest in providing a bright future for older people.

Who gets involved?

Trustees can come from many walks of life but tend to have some kind of background in business.  They often enjoy the challenge of becoming involved in a small business which is well integrated into the local community but which might be looking at expanding, changing or getting more well known.  It's these kind of projects that you might get involved in as a trustee of an Abbeyfield house or home.

We welcome enquiries from all age groups on trusteeships; diversity is important to us as it provides fresh ideas and input in what is a constantly evolving sector.

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If you've got any questions about becoming a trustee, or would like to find out more about some of the exciting work that some of our houses are involved in, then email us

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