What makes us different?

Headphones - George Brooker House 

Few organisations better understand the experience of ageing.  This knowledge has helped shape our values, services and facilities to provide older people greater choice in how they live their lives - sensitive to their preferences and requirements.

We're about so much more than just bricks and mortar.  Our focus is on the individual.  All our income is put straight back into providing the best possible services and meeting the changing needs of our residents.

Quality of life begins at home, and we know moving in later life can be daunting.  So we make the process as smooth and easy as possible.  We'll be there from the start to reassure and support you in any way we can.  Employing and involving local people forms the bedrock of Abbeyfield.

Companionship and community

Our sheltered houses and care homes are run by local staff and volunteers who genuinely care, and share our aim to help older people enjoy a full and purposeful life in the community.  We understand how important freedom and independence are, but we are always there for reassurance and extra help if required.

Unique ownership

Our homes are not owned by a parent company and we don't have shareholders - we're simply a charity that puts the needs of older people first.  We own all our houses and homes outright - from sheltered living accomodation to homes for those suffering from dementia.  So the only people who we have to really answer to are our residents and their families.

Across the UK we've a range of retirement accommodation tailored to the needs of our residents, designed to provide the very best life for older people.  And with an army of volunteers supporting us, we have access to an almost unlimited source of feedback and extra ideas about the services we provide. 

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