The organisation


Any organisation, large or small, can only be as good as the people in it.  Abbeyfield's well-earned reputation for providing excellent care services and facilities is mainly thanks to the exceptional people - management, staff and volunteers - who have joined our cause.

But it's also down to the way we're structured as an organisation, the effective systems, processes and procedures we've put in place, and our rigorous governance controls.

You can find more about these and Abbeyfield's key people below.

How we are structured

We own and manage lots of our own homes, and we also have member Abbeyfield societies.  Together we look after thousands of residents across the world, all enjoying exceptional care and support from dedicated staff and volunteers.

Owned and centrally managed properties

Our properties are run on the principle that we're accountable to our residents for the services we provide.  We work closely with various international, national and local partners to develop our services. 

We commit wholeheartedly to providing the highest standards of housing, care and support for older people.  Our approach provides a balance of privacy, support and security for older people, who don't want to live alone or with relatives. 

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